Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is the Bodies 'Set Point' and can it be changed?

Set Weight /  Set Point - What does it mean?

The term 'Set Point' is well known among professionals, but not commonly known or understood by the typical gym goer.

What this means to you:
What this term refers to is a preset and autonomic weight your body works to keep you at.  there is debate about exactly why this happens, but it is very certain that if you've watched your weight consistently through your life. You'll notice that your body has hovered around certain weights. An example of this is that at one point my body weight hit 204 pounds and was not fired should. That was fine when my goal happen to be exactly what I was. However, once that sadly interfered with a modified goal. I became determined to study the theories and personally that all the challenge of breaking through and resetting my set point closer to where I wanted it, rather than over my body's wanted it.

One of the things adding to this confusion  is a weight loss market that promises "you can achieve the results you want with little or no effort." When it comes to set point, you cannot just simply wish it away. I can say thought that from first-hand experience, it was possible in my case, to work hard and eventually reset to a weight and body composition more fitting to my preference. it took me about four months of dedicated work. A big part of being able to change my set to point was under standing my results from week to week. If there were a few components that had to be perfect before my body composition started to shift. I have helped a number of other clients get to this as well. The time frame required and what it takes will vary slightly, based upon your circumstances. If any amount of effort you're willing to invest in yourself.

Some of the components you'll need to consider: 
  • Adequate and nutritious food intake. meaning you will need to ensure your body is getting enough fuel to meet your daily metabolic needs as well as the additional fuel needed for intense exercise and high calorie burn. If you do not fuel enough, the rest of this effort would be pointless. If you need help with food planning ideas, check out this link.  I cannot give general recommendations because everyone's needs are extremely unique. For example, I base personalized calorie intake and food planning on 10 crucial factors to consider. So any recommendations otherwise if results are similar to what people have found a every other time they've attempted weight loss.

  • Regular exercise sessions targeted towards challenging your body in new ways or to new limits. This may include aerobic, anaerobic,  deep core conditioning and strengthening to your personal limitations. Even as a personal trainer, I found this period of time to be emotionally challenging as well.

  • You also want to ensure enough essential amino acids are included in your diet. The amino acids will help your body protect muscle and bone mass is a favorable side effect they will help your muscles become more firm. Although essential amino acids are used commonly by men looking to get tone, in the case of women, it will simply help firm up your body and keep it that way. I often refer to this supplement as muscle toning food.  Some amino acids you can get from food, and some you cannot. In the case that you cannot get them from food you'll need to supplement then in your diet. I use Advocare's CATALYST because it has proven to work the best for me. You can also look into buying the following amino acids L-Lysine (Google Affiliate Ad) and L-Arginine (Google Affiliate Ad)

  • Rest is another key element. Since you'll be likely be working harder than normal, or what you are accustomed to rest will be vital to recovery and success's. Your body will need lots of rest to rejuvenate and heal. Our bodies heal when we are sleeping. So when you get adequate rest your body can produce better results. If you have trouble sleeping and have clearance from your Dr. to use them, you may consider trying a sleep aid to help you get more restful sleep, and a more complete recovery from each workout.

  • Have you looked at the possibility of having food allergies or other conditions that may cause weight retention? If your weight retention is due to medication were health conditions setpoint may not exactly be your issue in the term that I'm referring to it. I want you to consider all options prior to embarking on something like this. I mention this because the majority of people I coach have felt like they've tried everything and in five separate cases over the last 12 years, the person has had a previously unidentified health factor like a thyroid, food allergies, and the beginning stages of type II diabetes.

The right HELP is priceless...
If you decide to give this a try, I recommend enlisting the help of professional coach so that your plan is safe and personalized to fit your individualized needs. For this type of coaching need, you can higher a professional coach either local to you or coach, like myself is able to work from a virtual office by way of phone and Skype. I created a resource page for people working to find, interview and potentially hire a professional coach or personal trainer.

Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Life Coach specializing in fitness and life transformation

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade - lemon lime sports drink recipe

Lemon-Lime sports drink 
Provides electrolytes and the carbohydrates needed for fuel during exercise

Ingredients: (makes approximately 16 fluid ounces)
  • 2 cups of chilled and purified water
  • 1 cup chilled coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil 
  • 1/2  fresh lemon 
  • 1/4  fresh lime
  • 1/2 cup  dried dates (can be purchased in bulk)
  • Add unrefined sea salt (I use 1 teaspoon at a time) until you reach the desired taste you want. Use caution if you have health concerns with sodium consumption. *Consult a physician if you are unsure.
  • 1 spoon full of light agava nectar


First choose your method for getting lemon and lime juice

Now that you have the lemon and lime juice, add all solid contents to the blender with 1 cup of the water. If you have a smoothie function on your blender that should work great. Blend the 1 cup of water and solid ingredients until processed well. Add remaining ingredients and set blender on medium-high, run it until the contents are well blended together and without chunks of fruit.

I recommend drinking this a little at a time, as needed, during a workout session. You can also use during a sports event or outdoor adventure like: golfing, hiking, tennis, cycling, swimming, snowshoeing, during surface interval when scuba diving, etc. When there are temperatures close to freezing (or below) and when above anything you'd consider 'very warm', it will be especially crucial to replace fluids and electrolytes frequently. Drink a generous amount of the sports drink and plain drink in order to keep your body hydrated and functioning optimally.

You can keep this drink refrigerated in a sealed glass bottle for 1-2 weeks before freshness will diminish.

I will be adding additional drink recipes over time. Make sure that you subscribe to this blog's that you can be notified when I create new recipes. I'm a big believer in making whatever I can at home. The products are much more fresh when they don't have preservatives in them. I have several dozen recipes for baking, kitchen condiments,  trail snacks  mixes, sports drinks, juicing, healthy fasting, and smoothies. so don't miss out!

Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Life Coach specializing in fitness and life transformation

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

What is RPE? (relative perceived exertion)

What is RPE (relative perceived exertion), and how do you use it to modify exercise intensity?

This is a term used when standard recommendations for exercise may not be fitting to an individual's current capacity. For example, your doctor, physical therapist or professional fitness coach may be the one recommending using RPE. Often times, people received exercise prescription in measurements of miles per hour, revolutions per minute, MET, incline or intensity level when performing exercise like cardiovascular fitness on a machine. When weight lifting you would commonly hear the term ("REP") repetitions.

In the case of using RPE is then decided that for one reason or another, it would be best to forgo the previously mentioned measurements. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not!

How to implement  the relative perceived exertion scale:
It's a numerical scale used to assess on a scale of 6 to 20, how you perceive your personal exertion or the stress being put on your body. Factor in that 6 = you are at rest, and 20 = being your absolute maximum exertion and could not do more. Your intensity should be somewhere between an RPE of 12 to 13 and an RPE of 15 to 16 based on your current ability.

6. No exertion at all
7. Very, very light
9. Very light
11. Fairly light.
13. Somewhat hard
15. Hard (heavy)
17. Very hard.
19. Extremely hard / very hard.
20. Maximal exertion

Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Life Coach specializing in fitness and life transformation

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Want to know how often to adjust caloric intake? Find out...

When you're on a weight loss or muscle gain program you'll want to adjust your daily caloric intake as you go. This is an element you will not want to overlook!

As you lose fat or gain muscle the calories needed will change until you reach your goal. If you don't change the amount you eat, it will affect the outcome of your efforts.

What does metabolic rate mean = the rate at which your body burns calories for fuel in a day.

The general rule for this is that for every 10 pounds you gain or lose calories will need to be adjusted.

Here are factors to consider:
  • The amount of lean mass you have (muscle mass and bone tissue.)
  • For every 1 pound of lean mass you add your body will require and burn an extra 35 cal per day.
  • You will also want to adjust water intake to accommodate every 10 pounds of weight gained or lost. proper hydration will help you increase energy, reduce inflammation, and help flush out toxins as part of the weight loss process. Check out my post on hydration so I can teach you the simple method for figuring out how much to drink.

You can use my complimentary calorie counter / food exchange list and food diary to quickly find out how to make the adjustments needed. If you would like further help, I'd love to chat with you about what customized food planning may be able to do for you.

Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Life Coach specializing in fitness and life transformation

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cravings - How to control or suppress them...

How you can effortlessly take control over or suppress them. 

By doing this, you'll discover a painless way to lose weight and not feel deprived.

People who have dieted their whole lives know what I mean when I say cravings suck big-time. It can be frustrating when you put a lot of effort into a health or weight loss plan only to feel like your progress slips away when that piece of decadent cake starts screaming your name. This is followed by wildly out of control salivary glands, getting you prepared to devour at least a portion of that cake. This is where people typically feel guilt, no matter what their choice comes to be. You feel like if you eat it = all your efforts are washed away. Yet, if you don't eat it = you may still struggle with the fact that you desperately wanted to and get angry that now it's all you can think about.

For those of you who feel this way, appetite control aids and appetite 
suppressants can be extremely effective. 

Here is the difference:
  • Appetite control aids quietly eliminate the cravings while still leaving you with a feeling of hunger. You  simply no longer have uncontrollable cravings, that's it. I favor appetite control over appetite suppression. The reasoning is that appetite control will still leave you hungry for regular meals, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy food and intake healthy nutrition. It's a mystery to me how they have perfected the science! For example, I've had clients who crave candy on an hourly basis that have tried this type of supplement. After two weeks, they have reported their cravings are gone without effort aside from remembering to take their control aid /supplement. Keep in mind that this type of supplement will work remarkably well only while you use them regularly. If you use them sporadically, you'll have remarkable results during those periods of time.
  • Appetite suppressants are completely different in my opinion.  Appetite suppressants don't simply cover up your cravings, they eliminate hunger altogether. The downside to this is that I've seen some people under-eat which then robs your body of vital nutrients and can have a lasting negative effect on your metabolism. if you are someone who struggles with binge eating, this type of supplementation may be more along the lines of what you need. My  clients struggled with binge eating have received a lot of positive results by combining a supplement like this to eliminate hunger and cravings, then start a structured food plan that is customized to their needs. This allows for the benefit of not having to feel deprived, while eating plenty of nutritious food to help the body eliminate excess weight.

For appetite and cravings control I personally use LeptiLean.

For appetite suppression and hungry elimination I have successfully use SLIM with several dozen clients over the years.

Check out my article post on 'Starvation Mode' for additional reference.

Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Life Coach specializing in fitness and life transformation

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thermogenics - an insiders look about the facts you need to know

Thermogenics - an insiders look about the facts you need to know

Over the past several years we have  heard a lot of conflicting information about thermogenic's. From one side of the topic you hear about how they can induce incredible weight-loss results. Then on the other side of the debate you hear about how they have potentially negative affects on your body. I want to talk a little bit about both sides of this topic. Then you'll be able to make a thoroughly informed decision and know if thermogenic aids would benefit you or not. I don't want to convince you one way or the other, but rather I want you to have a full understanding of what they do and how to safely use them.

If you have ever looked into this topic you've likely heard about the people who have misused thermogenic's, some of which have died as a result. The thermogenics that caused deaths have since been removed from the market. However, this does not mean everything left for consumer use is beneficial or safe, it just means they weren't the ones known to kill people.

At the foundation of its meaning, thermogenics are a supplement you take in order to increase internal body temperature. The purpose for this is because as you increase your core body temperature your  metabolic rate increases. This is beneficial in relationship to weight loss, because as your metabolic rate increases so does the amount of fat your body may potentially burn off. This type of supplement is safe for most people. However,  if you have any concern about conditions like high blood pressure or experience things like caffeine sensitivity, you'll definitely need to consult your physician before taking this type of supplement. Keep in mind that no matter who you are, you'll need to use extreme caution when adding any weight loss supplement into your nutrition routine. You also need to be absolutely certain the manufacturers uses a very  stringent testing policy to make sure their supplement is pure and safe for general usage. Keep in mind that it's not regulated by the FDA, so you need to be certain the company can be trusted.

I have personally used thermogenics on an off for years with great success. I've used my professional grade bio-electrical impedance analyzer (body composition and metabolic rate analyzer) to measure the effectiveness and effect on my body. When used as a component in a healthy exercise and nutrition lifestyle the results can be quite amazing. I trust ThermoPlus because after years of use and testing it's effectiveness on my metabolism it's proven to be the most safe and effective. If you decide that using a supplement like this may help you - Please first consider that it should only be used to HELP you reach a goal. They should not be used indefinitely. After consulting your physician and determining that thermogenics would be safe for your usage follow the guidelines listed on the product packaging. Never take more than is recommended on the label! More is not better!

The final point to consider – in order to end the weight loss struggle you must look at the whole picture and not continue with attempts to find the "magic pill" to solve conditional problems. For example, a high percentage of people have struggled with weight their entire lives. What I have found through thousands of hours of private coaching is that food is commonly not the root issue. First, someone must define their relationship with food and the reasons why food has taken a particular position in their life.

My passion is to help you understand the difference and make small changes that lead to a lifetime of success moving forward. If you have a food addiction or are an emotional eater, it is best suited that you both work on the root issues at the same time you work through your weight loss plan. If you struggle with food - I do not know of a medication or supplement that is going to change the circumstances of your life or the psychological relationship you have with food. Of course there are other supplements to assist with appetite control and/or appetite suppression. I will cover this group of supplementation in another post.

Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Life Coach specializing in fitness and life transformation

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crucial information on why to cut back on Sugar "the anti-nutrient"

Crucial information on why to cut back on Sugar
'the anti-nutrient'

As Americans we greatly over indulge in sweet poison on a daily basis. It has probably made the greatest contribution to our obesity and other physical illnesses. In my opinion sugar is one of America's most widely abused drugs. I've worked with recovering drug addicts as well as many people who have struggled with food in the form of eating disorders. The people struggling with food are hands down dealing with the hardest situation. Why? You can 'recover' from drugs, but you can't recover from having to eat! Every day holds the same challenge - make it through the day without over indulging... Everything in moderation... day in and day out! 

Sugar turns to fat very quickly if not used by the body for immediate fuel!

  1. Avoid your “high sugar” drinks and milk shakes.
  2. Restaurant milk shakes often have between 800-1250 calories per share. (view menu)
  3. One 12 ounce soft drink has as much as 50 grams of sugar (12.5 sugar cubes for a frame of reference.) 

So you say - How much sugar am I allowed in one day? Honestly, the answer is zero. There is no recommended daily allowance for sugar because it has absolutely no nutritional value. I have heard the question several times, "but what about when I crave sugar". My response is always the same. . If your blood sugar shifts enough in the wrong direction, your body may signal the need for sugar. However, it is not the highly refined and nutrient stripped white table sugar you are likely familiar with. When your body sends the signal, it is expecting to receive natural sugar either from fruit or raw unrefined sugar.if

According to the National Soft Drink Association (NSDA), consumption of soft drinks is now over 600
12-ounce servings (12 oz.) per person per year.

Since 1978, soda consumption in the US has tripled for boys and doubled for girls. Young males age 12-29 are the biggest consumers at over 160 gallons per year—that’s almost 2 quarts per day.

At current levels being consumed by our children  there will be unprecedented rises in disease. Some of the latest evidence has shown  alarming deficiencies nutrients and minerals including calcium. This can very well result in bone fractures for young girls.

Why should I switch to a low glycemic diet, you ask?

  • It is less likely that you will become a type 2 diabetic
  • You will have a more even supply of energy
  • You will better manage your blood sugar if you already are hypoglycemic or diabetic
  • In general, you will probably feel better!

  • Added sugar in refined carbs is now considered to increase the risk of insulin resistance and impairment of the insulin function in the pancreas, triggering diabetes. 
  • Refined sugars include both brown and white table sugar. 
  • The USDA suggests that a person not eat more than 40g of added sugar in a day, which is equivalent to 10 teaspoons. This is also equivalent to a 12 oz can of coke!

Here are words used to describe sugar in the ingredients on a food label are:

  • Dextrose- sugar from starch “corn sugar”
  • Fructose- sugar from fruit
  • Lactose- sugar from milk
  • Maltose - sugar from malt
  • Sucrose - refined sugar from sugar cane

Why doctors recommend avoiding sugar when when cancer is a risk factor for you:
Sugar causes a state of hypoxia. Simply put, this means that it promotes a lack of oxygen in regions of the body. Researchers shown that cancer thrives in non-oxygenated tissue. If you stop and think about the importance of what oxygen means to your body, you should then understand the importance of not choosing to be in a mild chronic state of hypoxia due to food choices.

To learn more about how to control your glucose levels you can check into pick-up the following book titles:

Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Life Coach specializing in fitness and life transformation

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